2024 RATES

Open April 24 to October 14
All sites include Water, 50 amp electric, Sewer, Cable TV and Wireless Internet 


Full Hook-up with 50 Amp Electric

Full Hook-up with 50 Amp Electric

Plus Metered Electric

Monthly Information Here

Plus Metered Electric

Seasonal Information Here

Substantial savings on longer stays as noted above. Rates are for two adults and up to three children. Only one camping unit per site.


Check-in time is 3:00 PM
Check-out time is 2:00 PM
Early arrival and late departure fees are at a rate of $5.00 per hour.
Please call the night before to check if your site is available for early check in.

Our cancellation policy is as follows: There is a $15.00 cancellation fee if you are cancelling more than 2 weeks in advance for nightly or weekly reservations. There is a $300.00 cancellation fee for monthly stays.

There is no refund or credit of a required deposit with less than 2 weeks notice. Campers are responsible for all nights reserved.

May and September perk: Enjoy free early arrival starting at noon subject to site availability.

Peaceful and Quiet
Our policy is privacy.


All visitors must register before entering the campground and park in one of our visitor parking lots. The rate per visitor is $3.00 per day and $5.00 for overnight. Children under twelve are free.


Please call or email for reservations. A $300 deposit is required for stays of one month or longer. Holiday, week long and Covered Bridge/Columbus Day Weekend reservations require a two-night deposit. A one-night deposit is required for other weekday and weekend reservations. The minimum stay for a holiday weekend is three nights. The Covered Bridge Festival in October is a three-night minimum. No refunds or credits are given unless we are given 14 days advanced notice. Our cancellation fee for stays of less than one month is $15. The cancellation fee for reservations of one month is $300. Campers are responsible for all nights reserved. Although we will attempt to honor all requests, specific sites are NOT guaranteed.

Deposits are due by January 31st for anyone who made a camping reservation last year for the upcoming season. Non-holiday reservations: $73 deposit. Holiday, weeklong and Covered Bridge weekend: $146 deposit, Monthly reservations $300. Reservations will be canceled for anyone not sending in their deposits. Please be advised we do not accept credit card payment during the winter months so all deposits must be sent in via check or money order. Please be sure to include your dates in the memo section of your check and that your phone number is on your check. If you would like a confirmation, please include your e-mail address.


Information for Monthly Campers

1. We have a limited number of designated monthly sites.

2. Reservations begin on the first of the month and end at 2:00 PM on the last day of the month.

3. A $300 nonrefundable deposit is required for each month reserved.

4. At the time of arrival, a $150 security deposit is required.

5. Monthly sites have metered electric.

6. Payments for electrical use are due at the beginning of each month at the campground office if you are staying more than one month.

7.  Monthly campers are responsible for bringing their final meter reading to the campground office on their departure date.

8. We allow one car per site. Additional vehicles may park in our visitor parking lot.


Interested in Becoming a Seasonal Camper at J&D?

We do maintain a waiting list of prospective seasonal campers. Stop by the campground office to complete an application. Consider trying a monthly site to see if seasonal camping is for your family.

Information for Seasonal Campers

1. Trailer washing is allowed the first and last three weeks of each camping season.  During the remainder of the season, the washing of vehicles with a hose using our well water is not allowed.  We would like all trailers to be kept clean and neat.

2. We do move some trailers out of their sites for the winter months. Please place your site number in the front left window of your camper. Any items left at your site should be gathered up and placed neatly out of the way so we can clean up the leaves and limbs from your site in the off-season.  We do not expect campers to leave many items at their site.  All items left or stored here are at the owner's own risk.

3. We do not allow the use of large outside refrigerators or the un-approved placement of structures on your site.  We want to keep sites looking neat and presentable. If you would like to build a deck out of wood, then make each section at most 8’ by 4' in size. Some people opt to put in a cement pad instead of a wooden deck.

4. We do have a one car per site rule for seasonal sites.  Please do not park your vehicles or your visitor cars in empty sites.   With your neighbor's permission, you may park one of your cars in their site during the day when they are not in the campground. However, please do not leave the campground with your car in another site or leave the car in their site overnight.  Please be careful not to drive or park your car on our grass. Please be careful when backing in your trailer not to drive on our grass.   You may temporarily have a second car in your site for one half-hour for loading or unloading purposes. This car should not be on the grass.  

5. All visitors must register before entering the campground.  Please inform your visitors of our rules so there are no misunderstandings. You are responsible for the conduct and actions of your visitors. If you pay for your guest, please let us know when you are expecting visitors so that we do not charge them as they enter the campground.

6. We mow our sites each week.  Please check that items are removed from the grass and carpets are one foot away from the grass for us to maneuver our mowers around your site.  We are not responsible for any damage to items closer than one foot to our grass.

7. The speed limit is 5 MPH.  Please inform your visitors and help us set a good example.

8. Please take your own garbage to the dumpsters.  All garbage should be in a garbage bag. Please do not place anything outside of the dumpsters. Please see Curt if you have any large wooden or metal items as we recycle all metal.

9. We encourage voluntary recycling programs and ask for your support.  Please use the one stream recycling bins for aluminum, plastic, glass, cardboard and paper. Please break down all boxes. No plastic bags are allowed. All items should be clean. Dirty items should go in the dumpsters.

10. We do not allow seasonal campers to have golf carts in the campground.

11. Electrical meters are read at the end of each month and are to be paid at the camp office within two weeks.  A late fee will be assessed if your bill is not paid by the end of the month. 

12. Columbia County will tax your trailer unless it has a valid registration and inspection or is removed from your site.  You may pay us a small fee for us to move and store your camper in another part of the campground.


Security cameras are placed around the campground and in various buildings for camper and property protection.